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Vitamin C IV Therapy Boulder

Vitamin C Therapy

Price info $180 and up depending upon dosing

Are you feeling tired, run down, stressed out or feel an infection coming on? If so this is the best choice for you.

Rejuvenate, refocus and de-stress your body with this powerful, nutrient dense protocol. This IV may offer immune support, energy boost, skin healing, reduced pain, support for seasonal allergies, asthma, recovery from surgery, other inflammatory diseases and so much more. Vitamin C: 45-90 mins

Dosing options:
15 grams $180

20 grams $193

25 grams $203

High Doses (need a baseline G6PD enzyme test)  

50 grams $291 

75 grams $345

100 grams $402


Ingredients: Vit C plus Methylated B Vitamins and Magnesium

Recommended Add Ons: O2 Therapy and Glutathione


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that our body does not make. Therefore we need to intake Vitamin C in our diet. Yes, we can get Vitamin C from our diet but IV therapy maximizes its bioavailability in our system. The IV bypasses our GI tract and allows for 100% absorption, which allows for higher doses to be utilized. Unfortunately despite the availability of fruits and vegetables, most humans don’t get enough Vitamin C in their body to maintain optimal function. This means the healing process is exponentially accelerated.

Vitamin C IV Therapy

When our body is under stress we need more Vitamin C to support our cells. Who isn’t under stress these days? Vitamin C is critical in supporting immune function and it’s role as an antioxidant is well established in the literature. Vitamin C can support your adrenal glands (energy), healing your skin, ligaments and bones, and is necessary to boost your immune system. It can even fight against infections at certain doses. We have a variety of options in dosing for you to choose from at BIH. When giving Vitamin C at a dose of 20 grams or less, the anti-oxidant, immune fighting benefits are remarkable. When you start to enter into the 25 grams and above ranges, you enter into an oxidative stress situation where Vitamin C can kill infections such as fungus, mold, viruses, parasites and bacteria, and has even been shown to be toxic to cancer cells. 

**Vitamin C can falsely increase blood sugar levels. If you are monitoring your levels, be aware of this inaccuracy. 

Vitamin C IV


Infection Prevention and Treatment

Vitamin C IV Drip


Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C Therapy


Anti Inflammatory

Vitamin C IV Treatment


Boosts Energy

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