Athletic Recovery

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Training or recovering from lots of physical activity?  Want to rehydrate your cells, rebuild muscle and boost your immunity?  Then this IV is for you.  Packed with Amino Acids, B vitamins, 10 grams of Vitamin C, and a full liter of fluid.  This IV will keep you feeling strong and healthy, even after the biggest physical strains! 


Regenerate is our bag designed for athletes who are training, recovering or really anyone needing a well rounded support of nutrients since it’s packed with them! 

Although exercise is key to staying healthy, we know that intense exercise can put added wear and tear on the body. Therefore to maintain optimal health and recovery, we often need added support to recover faster, heal our tissues and reduce inflammation in the process.
This IV has been designed for you!  

This IV has it all: 1 liter of normal saline to replenish and hydrate your cells, amino acids for muscle recovery (which are also important for mood disorders and pharmaceutical drug withdrawal) a combination of methylated B vitamins for energy and 10 grams of IV Vitamin C  to help with inflammation and immunity.

Try this today and you will not only have an advantage athletically, but you will feel and look amazing in the process! 


Amino Acid Support


Aids in Muscle Recovery


Boosts Energy


Replenishes Essential Electrolytes

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