H202 Hydrogen Peroxide

Price info $215

Are you struggling with infections, mold, fungus? Are you concerned about cancer cells? Do you think you might have parasites? 

This IV adds oxygen directly to the tissues of the body. This kills or severely inhibits the growth of viruses such as influenza, SARS, bacteria, Epstein Barr, as well as fungal infections such as candidiasis or mold. H2O2 can also be toxic to cancer cells. It is a 45-90 minute drip. It includes 600 mg of glutathione.

Similar to Ozone with less side effects, time commitment and lower cost


In the body, Hydrogen peroxide easily breaks down into water and a singlet oxygen. H2O2 becomes H2O + O-. It is the single oxygen atom that gives Hydrogen Peroxide it’s huge beneficial properties. Within the body, friendly bacteria flourish in an oxygen rich environment, whereas most strains of harmful pathogens that are anaerobic cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. By delivering H2O2 into our body it uses an enzymatic process, both catalase and cytochrome-C reactions to turn the H2O2 into oxygen and therefore it starts to kill these abnormal pathogens. Hence, H2O2 is incredibly effective in killing abnormal pathogens, and all without needing to identify the pesky anaerobic organism.

H2O2 is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and antiviral (such as Influenza, Epstein Barr, HIV and Herpes Viruses). Some other indications and uses include: Heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, pulmonary diseases such as Asthma, Emphysema and Bronchitis and Cancer.

Treatment guidelines:Pharmaceutical grade, diluted H2O2. Our IV protocol has a full spectrum of B vitamins, glutathione as well as Magnesium and Manganese to prevent irritation of the vein. Treatments are usually given once a week but can be done more often in an acute situation.



Fights Infection


Attacks Mold and Fungus


Gives you Oxygen


Supports Tissue Healing