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Natural Medicine

Common Questions...

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced academic and clinical experience, which enables him or her to diagnose and manage minor acute and chronic stable conditions either independently or as part of a healthcare team. A nurse practitioner provides some care previously offered only by physicians and in most states has the ability to prescribe medications. A Registered Nurse is recommended to have extensive clinical experience before applying to a Nurse Practitioner Program. An intensive preceptorship under the direct supervision of a physician or an experienced nurse practitioner, as well as instruction in nursing theory, are key components to most NP programs.

Do I need an appointment with Carrie to get an IV? 

Only if you are interested in doing Chelation or NAD. Otherwise you are free to book appointments independently


Can I book an IV appointment online? 

If you are an established patient you can book online via your patient portal access.


Can I have a private room? 

For an additional charge of $100 you can book a private room for your IV session if it is available.


How Can I prepare for my IV?

Try to come in very hydrated/drink a lot of water and try not to drink too much caffeine right before (its a vasoconstrictor). Try to go for a walk or do some physical activity to get your blood flowing before arrival. Lifting weights or doing push ups/pull ups for your upper body is another good way to prepare.


How much will this cost?

Our prices range from $115 - 500 plus any add ons - please see each IV specific page for details.


What should I do after my IV? 

Take it easy, stay hydrated, eating a nutritious meal, go for light to moderate exercise. Let your body guide you, maybe you'll need a nap or maybe you'll feel energized enough for a hike on our local trails. Just stay hydrated :)


How often should I get IVs?

Most IVs are recommended 1-2 times a week then working up to once a month for maintenance. Chelation IVs are weekly for however long treatment may take you to remove metals. If you have something acute going on and need support, we try to honor same day appointments as best as we can. If you have something acute, 2-3 times a week may be recommended until you are in maintenance mode and are able to stay well with one IV per month. 


Will this be painful?

All our IV staff are Registered Nurses and are professionally trained to start and manage IV therapy. We use a few unique skills to make sure the IVs are as painless as possible.

Are IVs covered by insurance?

No. We are out of network with all insurance companies. Payment is due at time of service - we do not invoice. We take cash, checks, Visa, Discover and HSA cards.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment we ask you give us at least 24 hours notice via phone message, phone call, or email in order to allow us to fill it with those on our waiting list. No shows are charged the full amount of the appointment. We are happy to reschedule. Emergency situations are taken on a case by case basis by Carrie.

New Patients Please Note: We require a credit card to hold your initial intake appointment - your card will not be charged unless you do not show up for your appointment. We request 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid charges. Thank you.

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