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IV Hydration Therapy


Price info $95 per bag

Rehydrate offers 1 liter of Normal saline with B12

Feeling dehydrated? 

Do you have dry lips, dry skin and dry mouth?

Have you just arrived to Colorado or have a family member visiting and suffering from “altitude sickness?”

Are you feeling hungover from drinking too much last night?

Have you been exercising in the heat and can’t seem to hold onto water?


Dehydration is a serious issue in Colorado because water evaporates at higher altitude and we are in an arid climate. Therefore, many of us do not keep our bodies hydrated enough to support optimal body functions. Water is a crucial element as our bodies are 70% water. 

Normal saline is a cornerstone of intravenous solutions commonly used in the clinical setting and is mainstay in hospitals for rehydrating patients to health. It is now available to the general public to keep you out of the hospital and back and running optimally again! 

Normal Saline is a crystalloid fluid administered via an intravenous solution. Normal saline contains electrolytes (sodium and chloride ions) which dissociate in solution.

Its indications include both adult and pediatric populations as sources of hydration and electrolyte disturbances.

The following are primary indications for the use of normal saline infusion that have been approved by the FDA: 

  • Extracellular fluid replacement (e.g., dehydration)

  • Treatment of metabolic alkalosis in the presence of fluid loss

  • Mild sodium depletion

You can get a simple Normal Saline IV with B12 for hydration or you can add on some extra detoxifying support such as glutathione (see add ons).

You may also add extra saline to any of the other IV services. 

IV Hydration
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