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IV Therapy

2575 Pearl St #1B Boulder, CO 80302 (720) 388-1688       IV suite hours M 11AM -7 W 10-2 F 10-2 Sat 10-4

About Us

As a functional medicine clinician with over 13 years of experience, five years ago I decided that there was a missing piece in my practice to help on a deeper and broader way and therefore, in order to expand my reach to help build a healthier community, I opened an IV clinic. 


I did not want this clinic to simply be a hydration bar (which is still important in Colorado), but rather a place where actual healing and physiological changes in the body can occur. In order to achieve the highest quality of service I was aiming for, I received my IV certification training from Dr. Mitch Ghen, a world renowned IV specialist who helped arm me with the knowledge and training to incorporate professional grade, safe and therapeutic protocols. I have been seeing transformative changes in our patients ever since.


I continue to stay current on the research as to the most advanced ways to make lasting changes in the body and incorporate those advancements as they fit into our clinic. 


It is well established that we absorb less than 20% of the nutrients we take in daily from food and supplements, whereas IV therapy provides 100% absorption, therefore, taking healing transformation to a whole new level. I wish I could say all you have to do is drink your water, meditate, eat organic, have a healthy balanced and nutritious meal and everything will be okay. That is simply untrue!


Let’s face it, we are dealing with many assaults to our system. Our mind and bodies similarly have stressors that we encounter everyday. Unfortunately, our environment is becoming more toxic every day which includes: poor air quality, abundant chemicals, toxins, pollutants and heavy metals. We can no longer avoid these pollutants, as they are pervasive. Therefore we must now learn how to live with them and detoxify from them on an ongoing basis. 


My purpose is to help our communities thrive in wellness, inspiration and togetherness! If you can feel vibrant again then you can share your gifts in this world so we all have a better, brighter, more evolved future TOGETHER ! 

Carrie Ballas  BSN, MS, FNP-C, ABAAHP

Carrie Ballas of IV Boulder
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Blessed with a
wonderful staff

  Val, Adara, Katie & Alex


Our IV Nurses

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