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Methylene Blue IV Therapy 

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Are you needing more energy? Struggling with brain fog or brain aging? Fighting resistant infections? Interested in reducing inflammation in your body? This IV is for you!

*There are medications that may prevent you from having this infusion. It also requires a simple G6PD enzyme blood test beforehand, please inquire.


Methylene Blue is a bioactive substance as well as a blue dye. It has been used for over a hundred years, originally for dyeing cotton and then for treating malaria and methemoglobinemia. Today it is being explored more for its uses in improving brain health, increasing energy and focus, treating resistant infections like Lyme disease and decreasing dementia and Alzheimer’s risks. 


Methylene Blue is a cognitive and mitochondrial enhancer, improving memory and mood and increasing brain cell respiration (how it uses oxygen). It assists the mitochondria (the powerhouse) in the cells to increase ATP production (energy) and increase the natural production of NAD. It has been used to slow the progression of Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and stroke by protecting neurons and prolonging the life of these important cells. 


Another promising benefit is its ability to inactivate or kill pathogens such as parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses, including COVID. It is used in treating Lyme disease, candida, mycotoxin and mold infections, and resistant bacterial strains. 

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties enhance the health benefits to help prevent diseases like heart disease and cancers. Methylene blue has been found to protect against radiation-induced tissue injury by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in cancer patients undergoing radiation as well.

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