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IV Boulder

2575 Pearl St #1B Boulder, CO 80302 (720) 388-1688 

 IV Suite hours:    Mondays 11-7       Wednesdays 10-2      Fridays 10-2      Saturdays 10-4

IV Bar Boulder


I am so grateful to Boulder Integrative Health for helping me to recover quickly from an illness that I had been fighting for three weeks with no improvement. I had a massive race that I had trained incredibly hard for coming up and was worried that I wouldn't be able to compete at a high enough level to reach my goals. First, Carrie did a diagnostic assessment of my situation. We decided on a plan to attack my illness by strengthening my body's ability to fight it on different levels. Then, nurse Katie was wonderful and gave me an IV with extra Vitamin C, as well as a B12 and Vitamin D injection. I woke up the next morning feeling incredible. It was almost too good to be true. My partner and I crushed the race, earning a spot at the Otillo SwimRun World Championships. I'm so grateful. There is no way that I could have been at peak performance shape if not for the team at Boulder Integrative Health. Moving forward, I will use this as my first line of defense against any illness for me and my family.

Aryn M.

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